Inconel action screws

For Sako models A7, 75, and 85

Coming Soon ...


Made from Iconel 718 nickel-chromium super alloy, a material commonly seen in suppressor baffles, turbocharger rotors and rocket engines, our hex action screws are the toughest available anywhere and cost less than the original steel versions!


Designed for temperatures ranging from cryogenic up to 1300°F, our action screws will never creep or stretch and will maintain torque settings regardless of how hot your action gets or how cold it is where you shoot. They are corrosion resistant, impact resistant, with 80% improved tensile strength and 29% improved hardness (HRB) compared to 316 stainless steel. Our design is identical to the original factory M6 hex screws, with the hex head utilizing a metric M4 allen key which readily interchanges with 5/32" allen keys. These are a direct fit to a variety of Tikka and Sako rifles as listed above.