Aluminum Alloy Bolt Knobs

Due to ever increasing requests, we've produced an oversized tactical knob made from high strength 7075-T76 aluminum alloy designed to fit all our bolt handles. This ubiquitous design is made from the best T76 temper that we can source and then mil-spec hard coat anodized for durability. The threaded section is 1.2" (30.5mm) deep, so it will shoulder up against every type of handle we've come across. The knob has 5/16" x 24 TPI threads.


Weighing in at just over 1oz (33.6g), our alloy knobs are CNC machined to within +/- 0.01mm tolerances which represent a higher degree of accuracy than the molding process of our carbon fiber knobs. We manufacture these in significant volume to keep the price as low as possible. You would be hard pressed finding a stronger, harder and more durable alloy knob at this price.