Welcome to the last bolt handle you are ever going to need !

We are a family-owned, American small business taking pride in our work. 

Our aim is to manufacture competitively-priced bolt handles and bolt knobs for rifles and shotguns made from the stiffest, strongest, and lightest materials available anywhere, period.

Our bolt handles are CNC machined from the best aerospace, grade-5 titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) and our bolt knobs are molded from genuine 3K carbon fiber in the common 5/16 x 24 TPI thread. We don't cut corners on manufacturing, we don't skimp by using cheaper materials, and we are always trying to innovate on our own designs.

Whether you're building the lightest mountain rifle possible, or you need to shave a precious few ounces off that competition rig, or like us - you just want to use the best gear available, then you've come to the right place.


We have developed bolt handles for a range of rifles including Kimber, Sako, Savage, and Tikka, with more currently in design.  We are also the exclusive USA importers  for the full range of Lumley Arms parts and accessories.