Aluminum Alloy - Tactical Glass Breaker

This is a variation of our tactical bolt knob for users who want to have their rifle bolts double as a glass breaking hammer. With many jurisdictions requiring the bolt to be transported separately from the rifle, this makes a handy backup tool for those unforeseen situations. Suitable for most bolt action rifle platforms with a one piece bolt or where the handle is welded on, slotted in, or screw fastened.


The glass breaking tip is tungsten carbide which is secured by an A2 stainless steel nut which has been DLC coated black. The knob has a 5/16" x 24 UNF thread which is 3/4" (19.05mm) deep - so it will shoulder up against every type of handle we've come across.  We have milled 21 small ball nose flutes onto the knob cap to provide a tactile grip for rapid removal in all conditions. The design of the knob base incorporates a set screw (2mm hex key required) enabling the knob to be secured tightly on the bolt handle. Weighs 1.35oz (38.2g)