M6 Metric Thread Adapter

Allows our 5/16"x24 UNF bolt knobs to be fitted any of the following rifles, which all have an M6 x 1mm thread on their bolt handles. These include but are not limited to:


 Accuracy International AE, AW and AX

Bergara B-14

Blaser R8

Blaser R93

Browning Maral

Chapuis Rols

 Lithgow LA101
Lithgow LA102
Mauser M12
Mauser M18
Merkel Helix

Sauer 100

Sauer 101
Sauer 200 STR


This thread adapter has an internal M6 x 1mm thread and an external 5/16 x 24 TPI fine thread which is used with nearly aftermarket bolt knob common in North America. The M6 x 1.0mm threaded bolt handles are common with many European rifle makes and aftermarket options for knobs for these are limited.




CNC machined from brass, this adapter won't corrode and is softer than the bolt handle steel or knob you will fit for ease of future removal. If a thread locking compound is used, we don't recommend attaching the adapter to the handle, rather epoxy the adapter to the knob.



Check first that the bolt knob has sufficient threaded length that you intend to fit this adapter to (the adapter is 0.6" / 15mm long). If necessary, the adapter can be shortened and threads cleaned up to fit. Please note that our carbon fiber 1" round knobs have an internal threaded depth of 0.47" to 0.51" (12mm to 13mm) - which requires shortening the adapter to fit. No modification is required for any of our tactical shape knobs.