Kimber 84

This is a direct, screw-in replacement for your original Kimber 84 bolt handle. This will also fit other Kimber rifles with a 1/4" x 28 UNF bolt handle thread. The shaft of this handle is CNC machined from Ti6Al4V titanium alloy which is attached to our oversized 3k carbon fiber knob


With a combined weight of just 0.7oz (19g) the handle and knob is both lighter and stronger than the original, and we include two different length titanium stems to enable overall length to be customized to suit our different knob options for this model (tactical or intermediate). This will achieve the greatest savings of weight without sacrificing quality and offers improved grip and leverage over the factory handle.




Fitting Guide

The factory handle of Kimber 84 is threaded directly into the bolt body using a 1/4" x 28 UNF thread. This can be removed by wrapping the original handle in a strip of thick leather (or vise soft jaws) and securing firmly in a bench vise with the bolt body positioned parallel and just above the vise jaws. If your Kimber has a separate bolt knob fitted as standard (tactical models) - unscrew this from the handle first before mounting into the vise. The bolt body can now be rotated anti-clockwise to unscrew from the handle. Clean threads if necessary then screw our replacement 1-piece carbon fiber unit into the bolt body firmly by hand.



(1) The strip of thick leather (or padded vise jaws) serve to grip the bolt handle firmly and avoid marring the finish.

(2) Never use excessive force to unscrew the factory handle as this may result in it breaking / snapping potentially causing a difficult task of removing the remaining stem still threaded into the bolt body.

(3) If using a thread locking compound to attach the bolt handle or bolt knob, we don't recommend using anything stronger than purple Loctite (222) or equivalent.

(4) If using a stronger thread locking compound, be very careful never to overheat the bolt if using a propane torch to remove the handle in the future.