Sako M995 and TRG-S

This is a direct, screw-in replacement for your original Sako M995 and TRG-S bolt handle. We CNC machine these from Grade 5 titanium alloy then bead blast and bake on a durable Cerakote-H finish to match the color of the original Sako metalwork.


Our version has a 5/16" x 24 UNF thread which allows fitment of just about any aftermarket knob available as opposed to being forced to retain the original plastic knob with the uncommon metric thread. Our handle is the same length with no taper. We include our oversized bolt knob made from genuine carbon fiber which provides a slight increase in overall length and better bolt leverage.


Fitting Guide

The factory handle of the M995 and TRG-S are threaded directly into the bolt body using a metric M6 x 1 thread. The handle can be removed by firstly removing the factory knob then wrapping the handle in a strip of thick leather and securing firmly in a bench vise with the bolt body positioned parallel and just above the vise jaws. The bolt body can now be rotated anti-clockwise to unscrew from the handle. Clean threads if necessary then screw the new titanium handle using the smaller threaded end (M6 x 1) into the bolt body firmly by hand. Following this the bolt knob can be screwed onto the end of the bolt handle - again firmly by hand.



(1) The strip of thick leather (or padded vise jaws) serve to grip the bolt handle firmly and avoid marring the finish.

(2) Never use excessive force to unscrew the factory handle as this may result in it breaking / snapping potentially causing a difficult task of removing the remaining stem still threaded into the bolt body.

(3) If using a thread locking compound to attach the bolt handle or bolt knob, we don't recommend using anything stronger than purple Loctite (222) or equivalent.

(4) If using a stronger thread locking compound, be very careful never to overheat the bolt if using a propane torch to remove the handle in the future.